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Heycroft Care specialises in providing experienced agency staff to children’s residential homes across the UK. We have successfully built a team of experienced senior managers, team leaders, senior support workers’ and youth workers.

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Empowering A Brighter Future for Children & Youth

Our mission is simple – to make a positive difference in the lives of children and young people. We believe that every child deserves a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment to grow and thrive.

Our Values


We work hard to make an impact on the support workers, young people and businesses we support. That’s because we care enough to listen closely to the needs of our candidates and clients, and we go the distance to deliver on our promises.


 Everyone at Heycroft is challenged and empowered to act with a personal sense of ownership for the success of our team, our clients but most importantly the young people we support.


We understand that being truthful is the key to building and maintaining fantastic relationships. We are transparent with our team and our clients and actively seek feedback to aid our development.

 High Expectations

 The pursuit of excellence is the defining characteristic of our company and of our people. We have high expectations of the young people we support and want the very best for them.

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Agency Support Workers

Our support workers are the pillars of our residential are team. Ensuring the wellbeing and growth of the children and youth we support.

Agency Interim Managers

Our interim managers have knowledge under the OFSTED framework to optimise care quality and drive children’s homes forward.


We offer expert childcare consultancy services at Heycroft Care, specialising in optimizing care quality and operations for organisations.

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Take the next step in your career by perusing our available roles. Find the perfect match for your skills, dedication, and aspirations as you embark on a fulfilling path with Heycroft Care. Your dream role awaits – view our available opportunities now.


“Heycroft has been a huge support to us over the past months, providing staff to cover shifts at short notice or for planned cover. The staff that come to work at our children’s home are all extremely competent and confident to work alongside the team. They engage well with the children and are very professional in their manner. There are some regular staff members that come back on numerous occasions which has helped to build consistency for our young people. I would highly recommend Heycroft.”

Manager – Able Healthcare

"I would strongly recommend Heycroft Care to all providers of care when you are in need of good quality care staff. The staff they provide are amazing, have a wealth of experience, are hardworking and most of all, they have all become an integral part of my team. The standard of delivery and customer care far exceeds that of other agencies I have used previously, and even better, they are financially competitive."

 CR – Responsible Individual (Children’s Homes)

“As the Director of Children's Services at CF Social Work Ltd, I have worked closely with Heycroft Care for several years. Their reliability and efficiency in providing agency staff have been crucial to our success, ensuring our staffing needs are met promptly and seamlessly, even during peak periods. Heycroft Care's well-briefed staff integrate smoothly into our workflows, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency. Their commitment to high standards, professionalism, and thorough training aligns perfectly with our care values, ensuring the high level of care our residents deserve.”

CF Social Work