Heycroft Care Agency,


Our Testimonials page is a testament to the meaningful relationships we build and the clients we work with.

“Heycroft has been a huge support to us over the past months, providing staff to cover shifts at short notice or for planned cover. The staff that come to work at our children’s home are all extremely competent and confident to work alongside the team. They engage well with the children and are very professional in their manner. There are some regular staff members that come back on numerous occasions which has helped to build consistency for our young people. I would highly recommend Heycroft.”

Manager – Able Healthcare

“I would strongly recommend Heycroft Care to all providers of care when you are in need of good quality care staff. The staff they provide are amazing, have a wealth of experience, are hardworking and most of all, they have all become an integral part of my team.  The standard of delivery and customer care far exceeds that of other agencies I have used previously, and even better, they are financially competitive.”

 CR – Responsible Individual (Children’s Homes)

“As the Director of Children’s Services at CF Social Work Ltd, I have had the privilege of working closely with Heycroft Care over the past several years. Their reliability has been a cornerstone of our continued success in providing high-quality care to our residential homes. Whenever we have needed agency staff, Heycroft Care has consistently delivered, ensuring that our staffing needs are met promptly and without hassle. 

Their dependable service has allowed us to maintain seamless operations, even during peak periods or unforeseen staff shortages.


Heycroft Care’s efficiency is second to none. The speed and precision with which they address our staffing requirements have been impressive. Their team is adept at matching the right personnel to our specific needs, which has significantly reduced the time and effort we would otherwise spend on recruitment. This efficiency extends beyond just providing staff; Heycroft Care also ensures that their employees are thoroughly briefed and prepared to integrate smoothly into our existing workflows. This meticulous approach has greatly contributed to the operational efficiency of our residential homes.


The commitment to high standards is evident in every interaction we have with Heycroft Care. They have rigorous policies and procedures in place that their staff strictly adhere to, which aligns perfectly with the level of care we strive to provide. The professionalism and competence of their personnel are a testament to the thorough training and clear guidelines established by Heycroft Care. 

This alignment has not only upheld but enhanced the quality of care within our facilities. Heycroft Care’s dedication to excellence ensures that we can trust their staff to uphold the values and standards we expect, thereby continuing the high level of care our residents deserve.”

CF Social Work